Muzzle Brakes

What Is A Muzzle Brake?

A muzzle brake is a device that is attached to the end of a rifle barrel to reduce recoil.

How does it work?

When a rifle fires, high pressure gasses are expelled from the end of the barrel. When these gasses hit the baffles in a muzzle brake at high speed, they push the brake (and rifle) forward, counteracting the recoil.

How much does it help?

A lot! Our muzzle brakes have been independently tested and shown a consistent recoil reduction of 70%.

Why are ours so good?

Our brakes are designed with both rear facing baffles and progressive baffle spacing which combine to create tremendous performance. In addition they are compact and made of super light titanium.

So who uses them?

Everybody! From big burly men to youngsters. Our brakes take out one of the major roadblocks for people to enjoy shooting. Recoil!

How do I get one?

Call us! We can do a professional brake install on nearly any rifle for $100 plus the brake. Our super light and strong Titanium brakes sell for $179.00.